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Use of Individual Biological Resources

Our objective

Use and maintenance of individual biological resources in joint supply by modern methods of high quality and reproducibility with sustainability and cost efficiency.

Individual Biological resources - Modern joint supply – Sustainability – Cost efficiency

Status Quo

With limited financial resources, it is not easy to treat patients in a satisfactory, cost effective fashion. Implants are today a major financial factor in the reconstruction of knee ligaments. Frequently, they make a big part of the DRG systematic, and often produce a financial shortfall for the clinic.


In the late 1980s, Peter Hertel in Berlin described the first foreign material free cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery, using the patellar tendon graft. Further developments by Harald Boszotta, Gernot Felmet, Juergen Huber and Hans Paessler result today in a range of different methods to replace the cruciate ligament. Common to all is that they do not use any foreign material to anchor the graft to the bone. Good clinical outcome in stability and anchoring is documented in medium-term and long-term results in the international literature.

Techniques with implants have been at maximum supported to be developed and disseminated. So it was not easy for implant free techniques to be established. Still hybrid solutions are used almost secretly. Nevertheless the oldest technique with dowels for connection in woodworking has to be learned and trained as it is using screws correctly. So the idea came up to teach this abilities institutionalized. In the beginning of the 21st century the “Gelenksymposium” in Villingen-Schwenningen in South Germany dealt with this issue in its annual meetings. With this input a group was founded at that time in the “DGU” (Society of German Traumasurgeons) interested in “Materialfree ACL Reconstruction”. In 2010/11 this work group became a “Committee for Implantfree ACL Reconstruction” in the AGA (German speaking Society of Arthroscopy). The 27th AGA Congress in Vienna/ Austria 2010 had an extraordinary success in this issue. Since 2014 it is the subject of the “Knee Ligament Committee” of the AGA in German speaking Countries. The BLJA was established 2015 during the presidency of Gernot Felmet in EFOST the „European Föderation of Orthopaedic and SportsTraumatology“. The first courses have been held in English as European Courses as “Basic Course Knee Press Fit” & “Advanced Course ACL Revision”. EFOST itself was dissoluted in 2016. The members of EFOST rised into the section of ESSKA as ESMA “European Sports Medicine Associates – A Section of ESSKA”

Your benefits

  • We support you with pragmatic, economic concepts in your facility, undertaking reconstruction surgery on the basis of biological concepts on biomechanical principles to obtain an anatomically correct patient-centered care.
  • We provide and implement highly specialized expertise of surgical techniques from surgeons who have distinguished themselves with high reliability, validity and security.
  • In addition to ligament reconstruction of the ACL, other ligaments, such as the PCL, LCL, MCL and MPFL, can be reconstructed using proven surgical techniques with bone dowel anchoring. Using all conventional grafts.
  • Revision techniques in a single stage or a two stage strategy.
  • Meniscus treatment – sutures, with implants and autograft.
  • Management of cartilage lesions: bone marrow stimulation with Micro- Nano Fracturing or collagenous implants and osteochondral cylinder transplantation (OAT-S).
  • Conservative treatment with hyaluronic acid, stem cell induction with different PRP therapy and other cytokine induction. Evidence based results will be updated. Clinical examination techniques, new aspects in rehabilitation for "Return to Sports and Competition" are elaborated with practical help based on current literature including prevention in sports activities.

What he or she will expect:

  • Introduction to surgical techniques
  • Practical guidance and training sessions
  • Visiting live surgery in the operating room (optional)
  • Supervision by personal contact
  • Cost optimization
  • Regulatory compliance and avoid risks
  • Support by a highly specialized team of experts
  • International contact

Our participants

Orthopaedic surgeons, sports trauma surgeons and clinicians in conservative treatment and physiotherapists.

Our Team

National and international speaker will introduce in lectures and workshops into the theoretical knowledge and practical training. The organizing team will ensure your care and overall arrangements for "well-being".

Meet the Expert

Social gathering is an important basis for strengthening the knowledge imparted. The social events to facilitate exchanges, deepen new contacts and make new friendships.

Our Partners

Are all those who rise with idealism and joy in this field of activity. This includes the cost of health care insurances and medical industry.

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